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Dear Policyholder,

Welcome to the Life Protector Plan from the deVere Group and Global Benefits Europe bv.

Thank you for purchasing your Life Protector Plan Policy ,please be assured that we value your custom and welcome any feedback you may wish to give us.

We hope you feel secure in the knowledge that your basic life insurance requirements are now taken care of.

The policyholder's page is specifically designed for you to be able to access any information required on your policy, whether it be change of details, renewals, claims , increases , decreases or any query you may have no matter how small.

If you do have any queries about you policy or wish to speak to us, please do use the contact us feature and we will respond to your questions, please do include your policy number in the email so that we have your information to hand when we respond and can handle your query quickly.

We pride ourselves in our customer care values and believe that it is core to our success, we believe that in this industry trust must be earned and one of our aims is to service all of our customers efficiently and courteously and to make sure that you will not be disappointed in dealing with us.

We always appreciate your comments and feedback about our service and products and look forward to being of service to you for many years to come.

Kind Regards,

The deVere Group & Global Benefits Europe.